Functional medicine and dieting for performance w/ Dr. House

Episode 54Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I interview Dr. Ben House (@dr_ben_house). Strap in because it’s not long before we start geeking out on topics like mindfulness, meditation, dieting, the human body and especially functional medicine. You will quickly learn that Ben is not your ordinary Doctor, but one with a passion for superior athletic performance through holistic functional practice. This guy is all about finding problems before they start and helping you make quality decisions about your health. Join us as we dive into things like; what you should be asking your doctor, high fat diet, nutrient timing, gluten and much, much more.


Dr. House – Functional medicine



Topics of discussion:

[5:03] Living wholeheartedly and without distractions

[7:45] Mindfulness practice, thoughts & actions

[11:43] What is functional medicine?

[17:39] What things should you be asking your doctor?

[21:10] Performance diet

[29:14] Metabolic flexibility

[30:24] High fat diet

[38:28] What you should know about gluten

Here’s a little more info directly from Dr. House

If you are starting the Functional Medicine journey I would start with Functional Medicine University. I didn’t want to like this course. It seemed gimmicky to me but two of my mentors recommended it and I was not disappointed. It is phenomenal and you have access forever. If you sign up, please use this link as it all comes back around.

There are also a ton of other free places to go RIGHT NOW, you do have to have the proper credentials to get eligibility.

Biotics Research runs the webinar game and in my mind Apex runs the in-person seminar game.

I have a ton of content as well and will continue to put out a lot of free content as well as two retreats each year in fantastic locations!

Here are a list of books that you might also like, if I think of others I will send them along. Alan Aragon’s Research Review is also spot on!