Getting StrongAF, Neuromuscular Efficiency and Jacob Heppner ft. Nick Fowler

Episode 106Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview our Director of Strength & Conditioning, Nick Fowler (@thenickfowler). With the 2017 Games only a few days away, we’ll be focusing on all the things you need to know to help you plan for next year. Whether you’re a Games athlete, or trying to make it to Regionals, or if The Open is your entire season, we go over the fundamentals of building strength. This episode is all about making sure you are doing the right things to build out your program, what your body actually needs, and how Nick has structured Jacob Heppner’s last 8 weeks. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[0:44] Preparing for the 2017 CrossFit Games

[3:20] First conversation with Jacob Heppner

[5:21] Writing a strength program 101

[12:39] Looking at energy systems

[14:55] Neuromuscular Efficiency (NME) testing

[20:54] Creating different types of strength

[25:04] Resources for strength training

[29:34] What needs to be present in all programming

[34:50] Cannibalizing programs

[38:01] Training the characteristics

[41:48] What to keep in mind when training

[48:41] How Jacob Heppner has PR’ed all month

[54:29] The benefit of a longer off-season

[58:05] Working your weaknesses year round

[1:02:21] Looking back at last year’s CrossFit Games

[1:03:42] How you can keep strength building simple


The Poliquin Principles

Supertraining – Mel Siff

Practical Programming for Strength Training


The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday


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