Girls Gone Strong ft. Molly Galbraith

Episode 232Brute Strength


Joining the Brute Podcast this week is coach, speaker, entrepreneur, gym owner and all-around badass in the fitness community, Molly Galbraith

Molly and her team at Girls Gone Strong have created world-class resources to help empower women across the globe through discovering their unique abilities and strengths in order to see what their bodies and truly capable of and helping them reach their goals without spending their lives to the gym.

Today’s episode is dedicated to the body positive movement and transforming your

relationship with your body. For more information be sure to check the links below!


15:27 – Body positive movement

19:40 – Girls Gone Strong

15:10 – Know your worth

35:40 – Mindset and your environment

41:10 – Entrepreneurship

57:40 – The balance myth

69:40 – Girls Gone Strong Academy


Tim Ferris – Fear Setting Exercise

Strong Women Lift Each Other Up (Facebook Group)

GGS Coaching & Training Women (Facebook Group)



The Work – Byron Katie

Braving The Wilderness – Brene Brown

Drive – Daniel Pink


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