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Episode 143Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I’m speaking with the gymnastics doctor, Nick Sorrel. In this episode we talk about the release of our newest program, Brute Gymnastics and the overarching philosophy behind Nick’s design. This is a great chance to hear more about the specifics of the program and an opportunity to get an inside look of a genius at work. We’ll be getting into program design, what to expect from the program, and the importance of body awareness and perfecting form. Be sure to check it out! Enjoy the show.


05:29 – Brute gymnastics program design

13:30 – Body awareness and perfecting form

19:20 – Philosophy of mastering the basics

21:45 – Breaking down the Brute Gymnastics program

30:33 – Dissecting the program structure

38:15 – Common questions about the program

42:38 – Why more is not always better

50:15 – What to expect from the program


Brute Strength Training


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