Housewife to Billionaire ft. Lisa Bilyeu

Episode 192Brute Strength


Imagine going from housewife to co-founder of a billion dollar company. Yeah, that was a “b” in front of that “-illion.” That’s what happened to this week’s Brute Strength Podcast guest, Lisa Bilyeu of Quest Nutrition and President of Impact Theory.

In this episode, Lisa shares some of the most significant tests and milestones she’s faced throughout her career as well as the journey that led to the early days of Quest Nutrition. She also provides an in-depth take on the power of mindset, tips for building strong relationships and strategies to create successful life habits.


01:00 – Life before Quest Nutrition

10:03 – Setting goals in your relationship

19:40 – Quest Nutrition

27:05 – The “bad” batch

40:00 – “Everything is in my control”

45:40 – Success vs. health

56:00 – Impact Theory




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