“How I Became The First Female Strength Coach in MLB” ft. Rachel Balkovec

Episode 57Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview the first female Strength Coach in the MLB; Rachel Balkovec (@rachel.balkovec). Rachel is the opposite of an overnight success, and a great example of what happens when you believe in yourself, know your purpose, and never give up on your dreams. As you will hear in this episode, getting a team to hire her for a role normally occupied by men was no easy feat, but nonetheless, Rachel is in a league of her own and she continues to break down barriers with the Astros Latin American conditioning program. In this episode we get into coaching mentality and leading by example, working with new athletes, and why you should constantly be going outside of your comfort zone.

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Topics of discussion:

[2:19] Working at LSU

[5:08] Leadership & Coaching mentality

[10:05] How Rachel became the 1st female Strength Coach in the MLB

[17:24] Being a female in a masculine industry & stepping outside of your comfort zone

[32:10] Coaching goals, working with new athletes, and mental skills development

[39:29] Leading by example/ lifting heavy as a Strength Coach

[47:55] Differences & common characteristics in “good, better, and best” athletes

[49:45] The dichotomy of quitting

[52:38] Thoughts on CrossFit

[1:00:35] Training females vs. males

[1:03:22] Books/ recommended resources