How Overcoming Your Fears Will Fine-Tune Your Training and Perfect Your Game with Tony Blauer

Episode 122Brute Strength


This week I’m joined by Tony Blauer, founder and owner of Blauer Tactical and The Spear System. You may also know him from CrossFit Defense. He’s got nearly 40 years of experience teaching people self-defense and how to overcome fear. We’re talking specifically today about fear — what it is, how to get over it, and even how you can use fear to propel you forward in life. Tony shares several stories about the times and ways that he has overcome fear in his own life, and he’s got proven ideas for ways you can face your fears in your training and your competitions. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:46] From Crossfit Defense coach to developing the KNOW Fear seminar.

[9:05] What does being super-charged by fear look like?

[15:33] The KNOW Fear Seminar offers a framework for moving through life, starting with will and indignation.

[18:54] What do you visualize when you’re feeling intimidated or fearful?

[21:10] Why you need to externalize your fear in order to overcome it.

[25:05] Using stress inoculation training to replicate events so your body can perform at peak performance.

[31:07] The process of traveling through the fear loop.

[39:36] Gaining the self-awareness that is required to face fear and overcome it.

[47:07] Feel like the first step is always the hardest? Start here.

[54:36] How fear can guide you toward the things that matter most.

[1:04:05] How Tony has walked through fear in his life — and what he’s learned from it.


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