How the fittest woman on earth thinks, trains, and thrives

Episode 45Brute Strength


This week I interview Katrin Davidsdottir (@katrintanja); the reigning champion of the 2015 CrossFit Games. This one is about hard work, sacrifice, and how bad you really want it. Everybody should be taking notes on this one because once you get inside the mind of a champion then it’s easy to see why they’re number one. If you like this episode, then you’re going to like Episode 42 with Sports Psychologist; Justin Su’a. Check the notes below for some recommended literature from this episode. Enjoy.

Topics of discussion:

  • [2:00] Post regionals, Mastery, and falling in love with the process
  • [8:54] Katrin’s daily habits
  • [12:19] Recommended Sports Psychology books:
  • [25:00] Katrin’s relationship with failure
  • [36:28] Sports & Academics
  • [40:15] Body image
  • [44:43] Katrin’s relationship with Sara Sigmundsdottir & Annie Thorisdottir
  • [54:33] Katrin’s message for you listeners