How to Build a Champion Mindset with Matt Torres

Episode 010Brute Strength


Matt Torres, has taken 8+ athletes to the CrossFit Games over the last few years including  Jason Carroll (12th in the 2019 CF Open), Dallin Pepper (2018 Fittest Teen 16-17), Tudor Magda (2018 Fittest Teen 14-15), and Emma Cary (2nd in the 2020 CF Open). It’s no secret that this guy knows something about building champions that other coaches don’t.

In today’s episode of The Brute Strength Podcast, we pick his brain on what it takes to become a champion in the sport of CrossFit (he’s built quite a few of those), and which key “process” most athletes overlook in their early developmental years.

5:05 The Skill we don’t learn as kids

6:28 The 1 key reason most teens reach out to Matt

23:45 What Matt has learned from his athletes

32:00 The “F” Word

40:20 How to buy-in with an athlete

50:23 What the competitive CrossFit community is missing

53:23 The Eisenhower Matrix

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