How to Build CrossFit Games Athletes From the Ground Up with El Senouvor

Episode 003Brute Strength


On Episode 3 of the New Brute Strength Podcast, we are joined by one of the most accomplished coaches in the sport of fitness, El Senouvor. El has an impressive repertoire of CrossFit Games Athletes under his belt including the Sowder brothers, and 2017, & 2019 Fittest Teen On Earth, Chloe Smith.

If you’re interested in learning about El’s process for building the fittest athletes on planet Earth and how he qualifies the “doers” from the  “dreamers” in his athlete selection process, you won’t want to miss this episode.

8:53 The secret sauce behind El’s coaching process

12:27 The most important question every serious athlete should answer

15:38 Coaching challenges and struggles

22:10 What it really takes to become an elite athlete.

30:04 How to manage an athlete’s expectations

41:45 What’s actually keeping you from reaching your potential

44:40 Ryan Sowder’s Custom Games Prep Training Program 

Topics: CrossFit Games, Semi-Finals, Future of the Sport

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