How to Build Strength and a Thriving Business ft. Mark Bell

Episode 98Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview former professional powerlifter, owner of Super Training Gym, and Inventor of the Sling Shot, Mark Bell (@marksmellybell). As a successful competitor, inventor, and business owner Mark offers a lot of knowledge when it comes to staying motivated and personal development. This episode is all about making sure you’re staying patient, honest and contributing to those around you, no matter your field of interest. We talk about the importance of exercise, the process of getting strong, the different types of strength, and what he has seen top performers do that contribute to their overall success. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[2:33] Mark Bell’s background in success and lessons learned

[8:35] Defining success

[13:46] Why money doesn’t change who you should be

[17:10] The development of Slingshot

[21:48] How to know if you have a good idea

[26:45] Business patience and personal development

[34:22] Staying motivated and setting realistic goals

[40:33] Asking yourself –– How does this help? How does this hurt?

[42:29] What makes the best in the world

[48:50] Being great, what it means and how it effects others

[53:27] Not enjoying the process

[54:48] Common mistakes in building strength

[1:01:26] Embracing a professional lifestyle

[1:03:27] The role of frequency in training


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