How to connect with others, be vulnerable, and overcoming fear w/ Girls Gone WOD

Episode 110Brute Strength


This weeks guests on the Brute Strength Podcast are the ladies from The Girls Gone WOD Podcast, Joy Parrish and Claire Cook. These ladies have done over 200 shows with some of the best in their fields. We dive into topics such as what they have learned through their show, vulnerability, and how to overcome fear and shame. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[2:26] Starting the Girls Gone WOD Podcast

[9:40] Side hustles and passion projects

[14:11] Offering value through connection

[16:10] Being of service for others

[20:07] Unplugging and leaving time for fun

[23:44] Vulnerability: what it is and why its important

[30:49] Asking others for help

[32:10] Reaching out to others and helping them

[34:35] The importance of taking immediate action

[36:32] Being unapologetic in your pursuits

[41:13] Most embarrassing moment in 209 episodes

[43:20] Most impressionable guest and why

[50:17] What you should know about Joy and Claire


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