How to develop 10 years of weightlifting experience in 24 months

Episode 38Brute Strength


This week I interview National Weightlifting Champion, Mattie Rogers. After just 3 years in the sport, she’s already become one of the best in the world in her class and is making moves towards joining the 2016 Rio Olympic Games – did I mention
she’s not even 21 yet?! Not only that, but she’s consistently going 6/6 on her competition lifts, or in other words,
she’s no joke. In this episode we talk about mental preparation, team mentality, how to approach your first competition
lift, and how she went from gymnastics, to cheer leading, to CrossFit, to National Weightlifting Champion and a whole
lot more.

Want more Mattie Rogers? – Click below:
Instagram: @mattiecakesssss
Facebook: Mattie Rogers – Athlete Page

Topics of discussion:

  • [4:55] Going 6/6 on your lifts & calming your nerves
  • [7:00] Working with Coach Danny Camargo
  • [8:30] Setting the Junior & Senior American records
  • [10:10] Setting standards for yourself & How to stay ahead of your competition
  • [11:45] “We decided to move up in weight class… and from that moment on it’s been craaazzyy”
  • [13:45] Team mentality – “we” VS. “me”
  • [14:45] Bombing the snatch in the American Open
  • [16:38] Prepping the week before a competition
  • [117:45] Do’s & Don’ts for competition day
  • [18:22] Competition rituals
  • [19:20] Mental preparation
    • Approaching your 1st lift in competition
    • Missing a lift in competition
  • [23:30] Role models