How to develop confidence and build elite level strength ft. Danny Camargo

Episode 72Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength I will be interviewing one of the most successful American weightlifting coaches, Danny Camargo (@camargo_oly). All together, Danny has produced 14 international weightlifters including Gold Medalist, Mattie Rogers. Not only is he producing superior athletes but he is also building confidence and character that these athletes will carry on for life. In this episode we’ll be getting into all aspects of coaching ranging from gym culture, when to address an early arm bend, and teaching mindset and mental strength in your athletes.

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Topics of discussion:

[16:50] Gym culture

[26:24] Coach Bill McDaniel

[30:00] Athletic career

[38:00] Addressing an early arm bend

[44:09] Barbell psychology

[52:33] Mattie Rogers


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