How To “Do” Personal Development ft. Sean Pastuch

Episode 210Brute Strength


This week on the brute strength podcast we’re joined by Dr. Sean Pastuch. If there is anyone who is not afraid to share his opinion, its Dr. Pastuch.

Sean is the owner of the world renowned gym ActiveLifeRX know for smart programing, and getting people to continue to live the life they want pain free.

In this week’s episode Mike and Sean will be talking about some of the recent changes in the CrossFit community. First CrossFit did away with regionals, next CrossFit has stepped away from all social media, what does this mean for our beloved sport? Where is the fitness industry heading? No-one really knows, but there sure has been a lot of buzz. Tune in to for more on that, as well as a message to gym owners on how to improve your gym, become more self-aware, and why you need to start a mastermind group!




03:50 – CrossFit leaves social media

12:50 – Future for CrossFit

20:00 – Message to gym owners

29:24 – Self awareness & intent

48:50 – The value of feedback

56:50 – Creating a mastermind group



Invisible Gorilla Experiment

Active Life



Extreme Ownership – Jocko Wilink

Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill



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