How to eat for performance, transformation, or lifestyle w/ Adee Cazayoux

Episode 65Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I will be diving into all things macros, dieting, and nutrition with Adee Cazayoux (@adeecazayoux) of Working Against Gravity. Working Against Gravity is a fast growing online nutritional programming company designed to give you the exact guidance you need to meet your fitness and nutritional goals with the help of your very one 1-on-1 coach. In this episode we go over what it takes to make a huge transformation, dieting goals, what makes WAG so successful, and a few recommended resources for those interested in learning more about dieting philosophy.

Topics of discussion:

[3:45] What’s the best thing about WAG?

[5:50] What it takes to make a huge transformation

[10:24] Programs for Games Athletes VS Average Joe/ Jane

[15:30] The nutritional pyramid

[18:20] Diet goals: Flexibility vs. Accuracy

[25:36] Nutritional differences in men & women

[29:00] WAG’s success

[33:27] WAG coaching staff

  • Drive” by Daniel Pink
[40:30] Creating culture through nutrition philosophy

[44:00] Future of WAG