How to manage top caliber athletes on and off the floor

Episode 47Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview the owner of RedLine Gear; Matt O’Keefe (@okeefmr). Matt has been an up-and-coming name in the CrossFit community doing a lot of work behind the scenes managing athletes and allowing them to do what they do best; win.

Before it all started, Matt was going through the motions as an Insurance salesman. Everything changed when he finally decided to start TEAM Group, a full service athlete management firm that now represents 14 athletes, including Mat Fraser and Brooke Ence. This episode is about taking risks, following your dreams, and loving what you do. Let Matt’s story motivate you to overcome your fears and pursue your passion.


TEAM Group

RedLine Gear

Topics of discussion:

[2:05] Introduction – How Matt became an agent

[4:40] RedLine Gear & Mat Fraser

[6:38] The birth of TEAM Group

[8:05] Managing athletes

[17:50] Philosophy, Managing Competitions & Business, Challenges

[25:27] Loving what you do

[42:25] The “Fuck it” moment – starting RedLine