How To Maximize Your Training Outcome By Focusing On The Process with Dave Durante

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My guest today is Dave Durante, former elite level gymnast and multiple time World Team member, U.S. Olympic alternate, and assistant coach in 2009 for the Stanford team that won the NCAA Championship. Dave is currently the owner of Power Monkey Fitness, which specializes in teaching gymnastics around the world. We’re talking about the principles and experiences that have brought him success as an athlete and a coach and fundamentals of gymnastics. Dave is a wealth of knowledge — I learned a ton from our conversation and I know you will too. Enjoy the show!


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Topics of discussion:

[1:07] Introducing Dave Durante — persistent world champion with a desire to be the best.

[6:53] Finding balance may not be possible, but giving your all is.

[15:44] Your results are a byproduct of the processes you determine for yourself.

[22:00] Transitioning from elite athlete to successful coach.

[30:52] Benefits of shifting away from the outcome-focused mindset.

[39:44] Differences between what Dave did as an athlete and what he teaches as a coach.

[43:46] Details of the four-phase process on the gymnastics pyramid.

[48:25] How to gain significant mobility gains during intense training.

[50:21] Raising kids in gymnastics — good idea or terrible mistake?

[58:09] All about the Power Monkey apps and upcoming camps and clinics.

[1:04:45] Connecting with Dave.



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