How to optimize your performance with blood tracking ft. Mike Tarnapoll

Episode 62Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I interview Mike Tarnapoll (@mike_tarnapoll) of InsideTracker. When was the last time you had an intervention? InsideTracker is the leader in sophisticated, science-based blood analytics, tailored just for you in order to help you optimize your life in all aspects of wellness. These guys can hook you up with personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that will help you boost your energy and increase your athletic performance. In this episode we will be getting into common deficiencies amongst CrossFitters, the aging process, and the science behind blood work in relation to health, longevity, performance, and recovery. Train smarter and discover how healthy you are on the inside, with InsideTracker. Enjoy the show.

Topics of discussion

[2:21] InsideTracker & the science behind blood work

[6:29] Blood tracking & why it’s useful

[14:30] Common deficiencies in CrossFitterse

[21:35] Different tests for different athletes

[24:29] Blood differences between elite athletes & average Joes

[30:20] The aging process

[59:30] Barbell Business

[33:18] Longevity VS. Nutrition & Supplementation

[41:09] The future of blood tracking

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