How-to Programming for Competitive athletes w/ Nick Fowler

Episode 40Brute Strength


This week I interview Brute Strength’s very own programming guru and Director of Strength & Conditioning – Nick
Fowler. In this episode we’re lifting the hood so you can really get a feel for Brute’s training methodologies, and a look
into how we’re getting athletes ready for The Crossfit Games. Whether you’re an aspiring Games athlete or a coach looking
to take your athletes to the next level, this episode is for you. We’ll be getting into athlete assessments, creating a
program, training for strength vs. training for endurance, and a couple of things to avoid along the way – so get

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Topics of discussion:

  • [1:00] How Nick Fowler got started with human physiology and programming
  • [6:04] Educational sources/ recommended books
  • [11:00] Programming for athletes
  • [11:55] Assessing an athlete
  • [15:58] Creating a programming/ Figuring out what you’re training for
  • [17:15] How building your aerobics base will increase muscle endurance
  • [18:50] Endurance Pyramid
  • [19:58] Advice for athletes looking to get stronger
    • Slow strength work
    • Structural strength
  • [24:10] “Can you get stronger with metcons?”
  • [27:14] The RIGHT way too lift heavy
  • The 4-hour rule
  • [32:40] Concurrent signals – avoid this!
  • [36:30] How to gain strength without sacrificing endurance
  • [44:33] Building a strong gymnastics foundation
  • [51:43] What you need in order to become a Games athlete
    • Mobility
    • Hormonal health
    • Sleep/ recovery
    • Lifestyle/ stress
    • Nutrition
  • [1:07:05] Quick advice for all coaches