How To Start An Insanely Successful Personal Training Business Ft. Jonathan Goodman

Episode 228Brute Strength


Jonathan Goodman (not to be confused with the co-star of Roseanne), is the owner of The Personal Trainer Development Center, an online platform that has served as the premier source of free information for fitness professionals.

In this episode of the Brute Strength Podcast, John shares some of his most powerful principles that have shaped his work and life for the better. Today’s show includes finding opportunities for success in the fitness industry, taking chances, the right way to network, and the power of talking to five people per day.


05:35 – Moving to Hawaii

10:25 – Defining vision

15:45 – Making money as a coach

25:06 – Creating content

37:05 – Creating a quality life

45:10 – Building rapport

52:10 – Mistakes to avoid as an online trainer





Range – David Epstein

The Wealthy Fit Pro’s Guide To Online Training – Johnathan Goodman



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