How Zach Watts Qualified for the Crossfit Games on 2 Hours of Training Per Day

Episode 008Brute Strength


On today’s episode, we’re joined by athlete Zach Watts. Zach is no stranger to the CrossFit space as he’s competed at regionals a handful of times but was always left wanting more. This season, he punched his ticket to the CrossFit Games at the 2021 Mid-Atlantic Crossfit Challenge Semi-Final. Although an impressive feat, we were astonished when he revealed that he had made it to the Games with just 2 hours of training per day. Tune in as Zach unpacks what’s going to be a wild rookie season.

Topics: CrossFit Games, Semi-Finals, mindset, habits

3:28 How Zach Managed expectations of the big stage

9:30 What was Zach’s biggest takeaway from the Semi-Finals

11:30 How he handled the pressure of having to produce 2 top 5 finishes on the final day

13:44  What was the moment like when you realized you were headed to the CrossFit Games

19:08 Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

30:50 Zach reveals his secrets

40:00 The end goal of Crossfit


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