Hunter VS. Vegan ft. Mansal Denton

Episode 213Brute Strength


Mansal Denton, founder of Nootropedia, is on a mission to mend the disconnected and broken food system through hunting and transparency.

The badass and ethical hunter joins this week’s Brute Podcast to explain exactly how he’ll do so.

During the podcast, Mansal revisits everything from his first hunt to the ayahuasca experience that changed his outlook on the world’s current food supply. He also dives into the world of nootropics and shares his tips to boost productivity.


04:25 – The first hunt

07:07 – Ayahuasca

18:25 – Guided hunts

23:30 – The nature of death

28:00 – Below the Drop documentary

34:05 – Nootropics for productivity

44:10 – Building a second brain



Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport

Getting Things Done – David Allen


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