I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Episode 224Brute Strength


Do you want to be rich? Do you want to learn the ins and outs of money? Well, you’re in luck. This week on the Brute Strength podcast, we’ve got Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, on the show.

Ramit is a New York Times best selling author and founder of iwillteachyoutoberich.com.

In this episode, Ramit explains how systems and psychology can provide you with a rich lifestyle. That could include automating your finances, making more money, finding your dream job, starting an online business or mastering your inner psychology. No matter what your goal is, there’s a lot of knowledge to soak in in our latest episode.


08:45 – Fitness journey

19:57 – “The rich life”

31:50 – Relating fitness & finances

32:00 – Common “blind spots” about money

40:15 – Automating your money

47:00 – Investing the right way

54:55 – Sharing finances







I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit Sethi


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