Injury Prevention with NFL Physical Therapist – Graeme Lauriston

Episode 64Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I interview one of the top Physical Therapists in the country, Graeme Lauriston (@graemelauriston). Graeme is the Director of PT at EXOS, formerly Athletes Performance Institute. He is no stranger when it comes to working with top caliber athletes. EXOS is the leader in Strength & Conditioning, working with NFL Combine athletes and MLB Spring trainers alike. In this episode, we will be getting into a variety of popular topics in the PT & Rehab world including injury prevention, tips to improve your mobility, dealing with popping hips/ knees, hamstring recovery, getting out of the sagittal plane and being more functional in life and training. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions this week, enjoy the show!

Topics of discussion:

[2:19] EXOS, Formerly “Athletes Performance Institute”

[7:54] Athlete assessments & performance testing

[11:50] The EXOS systems approach

[23:22] Tips for working with top professional athletes

[27:03] The FMS system & group application

[35:05] Getting out of the sagittal plane

[41:18] Hamstring injuries: recovery, rehab, prevention

[49:02] Pillar activation & recommended literature

[55:26] Mobility tips

[59:46] Foaming rolling; What is it good for?

[1:04:20] Why is your Hip/ Knee popping?

[1:07:55] Athlete/ Coach mindset

[1:16:34] Learning from mistakes

[1:22:08] Physical therapy credentials & certifications

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