Jiu-Jitsu Secrets and Principles ft. Ryron Gracie

Episode 200Brute Strength


Ryron Gracie is kind of a big deal.

One could even say this week’s Brute Podcast guest has Brazilian jiu-jitsu in his blood, as this legend in the sport also shares ancestry with its original creator, Hélio Gracie (yup, he’s grandfathered in—literally).

Listening to Ryron talk, you can tell he is a calm, collected and self-aware individual—all of which he attributes to his experiences training in the sport of jiu-jitsu. For him, it’s more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle. Listen to this week’s episode for a more in-depth look at his beginnings, from a childhood spent growing up practicing jiu-jitsu in his garage to how he’s developed a set of principles that can be applied to multiple disciplines, life included.


11:40 – Childhood

23:10 – Grandfather Hélio/How to deal with stress

33:15 – Disneyland Melon, composure and how to control thoughts/actions

46:45 – Mistakes in jiu-jitsu, myths, learning about yourself

54:30 – Letting go, experiencing

1:01:00 – Key principles of efficiency in jiu-jitsu

1:06:40 – Common mistakes in jiu-jitsu




Gracie University


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