Kara Saunders’ Coach Nick Fowler Breaks Down CrossFit Semi-Finals Week 1

Episode 004Brute Strength


In this episode, Micah and Nick Fowler discuss week 1 of the CrossFit Games Semi-Finals, focusing on Kara Saunders’ dominating performance at the Torian Pro. The conversation doesn’t stop there, though. They discuss Nick’s experience with coaching some of CrossFit’s most elite athletes and what he’s learned along the way. Speaking with Nick is downloading the cheat codes to your favorite video game. Whether you’re a fan of the sport, competitor, or just like good conversation, there’s something for you in this episode.

Nick Fowler is a leading elite coach in the fitness industry. He’s coached elite athletes since 2003, including Kara Saunders, Brooke Ence, Jared Stevens, and many more.