Know Your Why: From Heroin Addict to Crossfit Games Champion

Episode 30Brute Strength


I’ve spent the last two weeks in Lima, Peru as my best friend has been in the ICU over here due to swine flu and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. I’ve had ample time to contemplate what his death would mean to me, and before I even knew the outcome the experience was profoundly inspiring to me.

My friend Bryce is an extraordinary human being that inspires nearly every person he meets to be a better person, be more vulnerable with others, have more fun, etc. He’s one of the healthiest guys I know. He’s an ultra marathoner (runs 100 miles at a time), he eats a diet full of green veggies and healthy fats, and practices yoga, meditation, and Wim Hoff breathing daily. The fact that this happened to him tells me that it can happen to anyone, at any time, regardless of how fit and healthy you are.

So I was reminded, as I often am, to do the things I want to do NOW and not later. Life is too short to wait. One of the things I’m most passionate is spreading the message of being vulnerable and living a life full of purpose. Last year I wrote an article on our blog entitled “Know Your Why” which was about my personal journey from drug addiction to winning the Crossfit Games and everything in between.

In this episode I read that article as well as expand on some of the ideas in it with this recent experience with Bryce in mind.

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