LCQ, Drugs, And Near-Death CrossFit Games’ Experiences

Episode 012Brute Strength



In today’s episode, Micah is joined by CrossFit Games athletes Dex Hopkins and Joey Totora. They discuss the Last Chance Qualifier, drugs in sport including Sha’Carri Richardson’s Olympic disqualification, and Olympic Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard. The cherry on top of this ice cream sundae was the guy’s stories about their (almost) near-death swim experiences at the Games. 

1:10 Last Chance Qualifier 

6:52 The Season Structure

17:02 A 595 Deadlift Triple and Back Flips 

22:31 Should Sha’Carri Richardson go to the Olympics?

33:19 Should CrossFit be an Olympic Sport **

3800 The controversy around Olympic Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard

56:47 The most overused CrossFit Games Event


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