Living Among Murderers, Deadlifting 1,000 Pounds for a Double, and Surviving the Unthinkable Ft. Chris Duffin

Episode 182Brute Strength

Kabuki Strength’s Chris Duffin, aka the “Mad Scientist of Strength,” joins the Brute Strength Podcast to discuss his “survivor mentality.”

Chris lived a secluded life early on, raising his sisters in a not-so-affluent atmosphere. His story then becomes one of triumph and tribulation as he later goes on to set the world record as the only man to deadlift 1,000 lbs for a double. This episode is all about the mindset, strength and importance of goal-setting that got him there.


07:07 – Growing up in the woods

36:10 – Survivor mentality
42:27 – Tying priorities to goals
52:00 – Powerlifting


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