Maintaining Motivation When Training For The Olympics with Record Breaker Jessica Lucero

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This week’s guest Jessica Lucero — the best 58-kilo lifter in American history and the new head coach of Brute Oly. Jessica was my guest here on Episode 37, where we talked about rituals, imagery, and self-discovery. Today she’s back to discuss her experience at the Olympic trials last year, where she had the single best performance of her life and barely missed qualifying for the Olympics. We also talk about how she’s gearing up for the next four years before she gets another shot at the Olympics. You’ll love hearing her experience from a behind-the-scenes perspective as well as her insights into what it takes to make it to the Olympics in such a competitive sport. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:50] Emotions and experiences leading up to Jessica’s record-breaking performance at the Olympic trials.

[8:07] The motivation that came with hitting American records.

[10:31] Detailing the moments leading up to the meet.

[15:38] Jessica’s performance on the competition floor.

[19:19] Thoughts on missing out on the Olympic team despite breaking national records.

[21:47] How staying present with training could have made the difference.

[24:52] Setting goals and looking ahead to the 2020 Olympics.

[26:23] Oregon or California? The easy choice allowed Jessica to continue training with her coach.

[34:20] Looking into the quad how to maintain motivation in training for four years.

[37:16] You don’t have to feel ready, you just have to work.

[40:37] A look at record-breaking performances at the 2017 National Championships.

[43:42] Lessons learned from coaching at Brute Oly.

[47:20] Surprises and mindset changes that have come with coaching.

[53:08] Why you can’t afford to compare yourself to any other athlete.


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