Mat Fraser: The Man Behind the Medals

Episode 199Brute Strength


Finally, the episode with the legend himself, Mat Fraser.

This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, Mat joins in on the fun to discuss his upbringing and his eventual rise to the top of the CrossFit podium. Unlike other interviews, Mat spends more time sharing stories from behind the scenes than he does about winning his medals. Truth be told, Mat is a fantastic storyteller, and lucky for you he’s got plenty of them. Tune in to hear more about the man behind the medals, as we get a closer look at his early battles with drugs and alcohol, growing up with Olympian parents and the infamous Home Depot story from the 2014 Games.


01:30 – Mat’s parents

13:20 – Weightlifting in junior high and high school

15:50 – Drugs and alcohol

34:00 – Working on an oil rig

43:05 – ECC 2014

53:30 – The Home Depot story

57:00 – Habits and rituals

1:24:00 – Defining “why”


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