Matt Vincent: Professional Strength Athlete on Drinking Beer and Throwing Heavy Rocks in a Field

Episode 5Brute Strength


Matt Vincent is one of the most interesting humans I’ve had the privilege of meeting. He is a 2x Highland Games World Champion, which basically means he’s the best in the world at throwing a bunch of heavy shit. One of the biggest takeaways for me out of this interview was the emphasis on staying healthy for his actual sport-throwing. He repeatedly emphasized the fact that the training in the gym is only a small part of his overall training. It is only there to support his technical work with throwing. With that said, he shares how he breaks down the year, what exercises he uses, how he recovers and prevents injury etc. He also goes into how he lost 30+ lbs. of fat and is still hitting PRs in the gym and on the field.

When he’s not power snatching 330lbs or out training in the field, he enjoys a wide variety of art, craft beer, and even paints his toe-nails. This dude’s perspective on life is absolutely inspiring to me. On one hand, he is in constant pursuit of excellence in the form of Highland Games’ competition. On the flip-side, he has a great ability to balance that with time spent just having fun and enjoying his life. I hope you enjoy the show.