Mental and Emotional Control, Crucibles, and Running Towards the Sound of Gunfire

Episode 28Brute Strength


Mark Divine is a former Navy Seal Commander and founder of Sealfit. He is on a list of 5 people that have most influenced my life and that I attribute to my success.

In 2012 my team, Hack’s Pack, and I participated in Kokoro Class 29. That is SEALFITs abbreviated version of Hell Week. To explain what Kokoro is like physically, imagine the longest, most grueling Crossfit workout you’ve ever done. Let’s say it took you an hour. Kokoro is just like that, except you’re doing that for 50 hours straight. It’s one “evolution” after the next, and these are the most physically challenges tasks you could possible imagine. Pair that with open sores from a shitty ruck sack rubbing against your wet, sandy body and going three days without sleep and you literally feel like you’re in hell.

What happens is nothing short of a spiritual experience in my opinion. Going through that type of crucible, as coach Divine calls it, changes you forever. In this interview we discuss what goes on psychologically when people go through this type of challenge.

We discuss building a team based on trust, and how gym owners and coaches can promote a better culture in their gym.

There is so much wisdom in this episode. Please give it a listen and implement at least one thing he suggests in the show.

Included in this episode:

  • How SEALFIT makes you a better team member, and how to train this in the gym
  • What “Run towards the sound of gunfire” means
  • How to build trust with a team
  • The four pillars of mental and emotional control
  • How to use crucibles (a place or occasion of severe test or trial) to transform your mind
  • Using the breath to train your mind

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