Mental Skills Training ft. Michael Gervais

Episode 231Brute Strength


Michael Gervais is the cofounder of Compete To Create, and the Performance Psychologist for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. This week he’s joining the Brute Podcast for the third time to talk about mental skills training, mindset training, and reimagining what it means to be human in modern times.

As Michael puts it, it is one thing to know yourself, but its another thing to remain “yourself” in high-pressure situations.

In this episode Michael shares his insight on what’s really going on between the ears of the elite one-percenters and uncovers their habits and behaviors all that lead to mastery.


13:35 – Kobe Bryant & dealing with loss

29:10 – Thoughts are behaviors

32:40 – Feedback loops

41:35 – Root cause & pattern recognition

57:35 – Is more really better?

63:10 – Working with Pete Carl


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Compete To Create


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