Mentorship, Gut Health and The Travel Diet ft. John Berardi

Episode 179Brute Strength


Crowd favorite John Berardi of Precision Nutrition is returning to the Brute Podcast for round two this week. In the first half of the podcast, Michael and John discuss the wisdom, mentorship and goal-setting rituals that John credits with making him a better husband, father and business leader.

In the second half, we’re talking body. John and Michael will dive into gut health, tips for dieting while traveling, nutrition recommendations for kids and how he educates his family on overall health and proper nutrition.


04:00 – Wisdom & mentorship

09:36 – Goal-setting rituals

25:00 – Nutrition & awareness

45:10 – Instilling positive habits

56:00 – Gut health

1:03:00 – Diet & travel

1:07:30 – Kids & nutrition


Brute Body Shred Manual


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Principles: Life and Work – Ray Dalio


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