Mindset shifts and gaining the edge w/ CF Games Runner Up Kara Webb

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This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I’m joined by Kara Webb (@karawebb1), one of the fittest woman in the world. Kara just took second place in the 2017 Crossfit Games — in the closest finish in the history of the games. Kara once told me, “In my eyes, my greatest achievements this year have nothing to do with my placings. That was just a cool reflection of all the hard work.” On this show, we talk about how her attitude has not only benefitted her entire life but how it led to the best performance of her life. She shares her challenges over the past year, what changed as a result of those challenges, and all the details about her amazing performances at the games this year. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:35] Introducing Australia’s fittest woman

[1:24] Challenges from the last year and the resulting changes

[8:20] The experience that woke Kara up

[11:32] How training fit in with her struggles

[15:50] The mindset shift that turned Kara into a champion

[21:55] How focused intensity will up your game.

[24:08] Physical and mental tools for success

[29:43] Benefits of Working Against Gravity

[32:42] Personal integrity makes all the difference.

[35:05] Feelings leading up to the games

[39:54] The champion is not the winner.

[45:48] Reflecting on the hard work

[48:40] Listen to your gut — the rest is simple.


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Working Against Gravity


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