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Episode 44Brute Strength


In the words of Kelly Starrett, “there was a time where we thought that being well-conditioned or being brutally strong solved all the problems. We realize now that it doesn’t.” – I couldn’t agree more.

Kelly Starrett, @mobilitywod, is a man with many hats: Coach, Physical Therapist, Author, and Founder of Mobility WOD. He is a staple in the CrossFit community helping athletes improve human movement and optimizing athletic performance. He’s been producing instructional content for the CrossFit Community since 2008, and today he’s here to talk about his new book, mobility, injury prevention, and simple lifestyle changes you can do today that will improve your health. Check the notes below for links to his books and more related content.

Topics of discussion:

  • [10:30] Dysfunction
    • Incomplete mechanics & incident level problems
    • The nuance of proper positioning
    • The new revolution in Strength & Conditioning
  • [15:10] Corrective exercises
    • Skill transfer exercise
    • Position transfer exercise
  • [17:23] Working with Mike Burgener
  • [22:04] Ego
  • [25:13] Characteristics of a Master
  • [28:20] New book: “Deskbound: Standing Up to a Siting World” – Kelly Starrett
  • [34:39] Quick lifestyle changes that will have a huge impact on your well-being
    • Optional sitting & Non-optional sitting
  • [44:00] Stretching advice/ technique
    • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  • [48:35] Becoming a Master Coach
  • [1:00:18] What you need to know about ice baths & why you should be doing them


Other links: