Muscle and Strength Pyramids ft. Dr Eric Helms

Episode 166Brute Strength


Eric Helms, Ph.D., author of The Muscle and Strength Pyramid, joins Michael Cazayoux on the Brute podcast to discuss exercise and nutrition science. Whether you’re eating for competition, physique or longevity, Helms’ certified advice can help you reach your goals. Helms also covers popular nutrition topics such as flexible dieting, keto and high-carb diets. Enjoy the show!


24:10 – The Muscle and Strength Pyramid

42:50 – What your clients want vs. what they need

47:30 – Nutrition Pyramid

58:20 – Manage stress

1:03:40 – Keto diet

1:13:00 – High-carb dieting

1:19:30 – Resources on nutrition coaching


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Deep Work – Newport

Muscle And Strength Nutrition Pyramid – Helms


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