Pat Barber the Manimal

Episode 20Brute Strength


This week I interviewed Pat “Manimal” Barber. I’m not sure exactly where he got that nickname, maybe because he’s so hairy. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this one. Pat is one of the OG Crossfit Games Competitors. He has competed for several years as an individual and the last two years on NorCal Crossfit team.

The most interesting part of this interview for me was talking to Pat about developing coaches. Pat has been on the Crossfit L1 staff for years and has taught L2s and other seminars. He talks about how you can become a better coach and get the most out of your athletes.

We also talk about his new company Warmup and Workout, which is his answer to the issue of affiliate programming. He and his wife Taz create detailed lesson plans (Session plans as they call it) for every single day. It allows affiliates to focus on teaching and growing the community rather than wasting time making programs.