Performance Psychology, Mindfulness, Self-Mastery ft. Michael Gervais

Episode 52Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, we’ll be talking all about the Mind & Performance Psychology. I had the chance to interview Michael Gervais (@michaelgervais), a highly decorated Sports Psychologist for the Seattle Sea Hawks, regarding some of the common mental attributes in today’s top level performers. We’ll be getting into things like mindfulness, brain mapping, gratitude journaling, and a bunch of tips and tricks that you can start applying to your daily routine today. Join us as we begin going down the path to mastery & self-discovery.


Finding Mastery | Win Forever | Instagram

Topics of discussion:

[1:40] Psychology

  • Understanding how the minds works
  • Working with the Seattle Sea Hawks
[7:35] Daily practices that will help keep you in the Present

  • How to train your mind
  • Self-Discovery
[10:10] 3-Tips to help figuring out who you are

  • Understanding your thoughts
[15:15] Journaling & Why you should be doing it

[27:42] Motivation

[35:30] Vulnerability, Openness, and Growth

[38:19] Brain mapping

  • 4 Brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta)
[47:00] Team work, Team building

[55:55] Felix Baumgartner & overcoming fear