Post-Traumatic Growth ft. Krista Scott Dixon

Episode 233Brute Strength


Krista Scott Dixon is a coach, nutrition expert, and three time author. She also just so happens to be the Director of Curriculum for Precision Nutrition’s coaching programs.

Krista joins the podcast this week not only to share her knowledge on nutrition science, and the art of coaching, but she also dives much deeper into topics such as building self-esteem, coping with tough experiences, and finding meaning in suffering.

In this episode we will be touching upon some new trends she’s seeing in the health & fitness industry, how you can enable personal growth in your clients, and how the most sustainable health goals all boil down to consistency.


09:03 – Living in the wake of COVID-19

17:05 – Deep health

20:00 – Post-traumatic growth

29:30 – Sustainable health goals

42:15 – Ask vs. Tell

63:45 – Paradoxical goals


Rock in Jar Analogy (YouTube)



Why Me Want Eat – Krista Scott Dixon


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