Program Your Mind For Improved Performance And Greater Self Awareness

Episode 141Brute Strength


This week I’d like to invite one of my favorite guests back on the show, Michael Gervais. If you haven’t guess it already, we’ll be diving into all things on mindfulness, improving focus, and how to re-program your brain for success. Michael is one of the best in the world at what he does and having him appear on our show for the second time is a true honor. If you really like the topics on this episode be sure to check out our first talk on Episode 52. Enjoy the show.

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Topics of discussion:

03:30 – Working with Olympic athletes

07:27 – Managing the levels of pressure

10:30 – Programming your mental “software”

21:25 – Improving internal motivation

25:50 – Pillars of mindfulness

32:01 – Change your relationship with failure

36:40 – Is confidence overrated?

41:00 – Choosing good thoughts

49:25 – 3 practices to add to your morning routine





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Deep Work – Newport

The Way of the Champion – Lynch & Huang

Man’s Search For Meaning – Frankl


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