ReWild Yourself with Daniel Vitalis

Episode 222Brute Strength


Things are about to get wild in this week’s podcast. Joining the show we have the host of the ReWild Yourself Podcast, Daniel Vitalis.

Daniel is a modern day hunter gatherer, writer, and lifestyle pioneer who’s interested in helping people reconnect with wildness both inside and outside of themselves.

This week’s episode is all about exploring strategies that our ancient human bodies and minds need to thrive in a modern world by awakening our instincts and freeing ourselves from the

degenerative effects human domestication.


03:25 – Important lessons growing up

21:10 – Accepting mortality

24:57 – Benefit of hardship

35:30 – ReWild yourself

53:39 – Plant walk


ReWild Yourself Podcast



Antifragile – Nassim Nicholas Taleb


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