Rituals, Imagery, Self-Discovery and more with Jessica Lucero

Episode 37Brute Strength


It’s time to meet Jessica Lucero. For those of you who might be less familiar, Jessica is the reigning National Champion Weightlifter in the 58 kilo category and also the American record holder in the snatch in her weight group. She has over
a decade of experience under her belt in the world of weightlifting and has shown tremendous progress in her career in
the last two years alone which may very well propel her into claiming a spot in the women’s National Olympic Team. In
this episode we get to hear what it’s like being in the trenches; from working with sport psychologists, to how bacon
and pancakes can be your missing ingredient for setting PR’s, and a very interesting tool called Sport Imagery Training.

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Topics of discussion:

  • [3:30] Being yourself will always work better than trying to be like your idols
  • [6:23] Avoiding negativity
  • [9:00] How focusing too much on others can actually hurt you
    • Know YOUR body, focus on YOUR weaknesses instead of someone else’s strengths
    • Making false idols
  • [13:15] How Jessica went from missing all her lifts in 2014 to setting the new American snatch record
    • Click here to see Jessica break the American snatch record
  • [15:49] Finding motivation in weightlifting
    • Stay focused & get in the zone
    • Have fun & enjoy the process
    • Remaining present
  • [29:02] Sport Imagery Training – Do’s & Don’ts
    • Click here to learn more – Techniques & Tips
  • [35:30] Diet/ Nutrition
  • [45:08] Role models & other weightlifters