Running, Endurance training, and Building an engine

Episode 50Brute Strength


This week, I interview elite Endurance Coach, Nate Helming (@natehelming). He’s here to answer a lot of your questions about running and endurance training including; how often you should be running, how to get over the mental aspects of running, breathing tips, popular running shoes, and his project “The Run Experience”, which helps CrossFitters add more running into their programming.


Topics of discussion:

[1:15] Intro, Background, San Francisco CrossFit

  • How Nate fixed a hamstring injury
  • Finding CrossFit
[12:15] How CrossFit changed Nate’s training as an endurance athlete

[17:34] Running & CrossFit

  • Building an engine
[23:20] Why do some people HATE running?

[24:07] How much you should be running as an Open athlete

[26:03] How to train endurance

[29:30] Aerobic benefits

  • Breathing
  • The “nose breathing mile” – TRY THIS!!!
[35:00] Jeff Galloway

[39:05] Minimalist shoes VS. Maximalist shoes

[47:54] Mental aspects of running