Science of the 6-pack with Adee Zukier

Episode 18Brute Strength


This week’s podcast is pretty special to me because I got to interview my rockstar girlfriend Adee Zukier, founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity. Adee has worked with Games athletes, World Team weightlifters and Olympians, as well as thousands of other athletes. Men, women, young, old, overweight, underweight, etc. She’s seen it all.

WAG has the most incredible transformations I’ve ever seen, and there are tooons of them. So we talk about what it is that sets those people apart (the ones that have huge transformations). We talk about the most common mistakes people make and strategies for preventing them all.

Sure I am biased, but Working Against Gravity has the potential to truly change the world with it’s approach. They don’t just focus on nutrition, but on helping people be happier in general. If you want more information about Adee and WAG go to

Topics of discussion:

[1:30] Working Against Gravity

  • What can WAG do for you?
  • Flexible dieting
  • Building a macro nutrient profile
[6:55] Why do people fail at dieting?

  • Tips from the pros
  • Learning to track your macros
[13:00] Counting macros

[16:29] Eating for volume

[21:25] Habits that will help you stay consistent with your diet

[26:00] Why you need to try WAG

  • WAG “homework”
[34:25] Macro friendly treats

  • Halo Top
  • Arctic Zero
[45:00] Diets for Athletes

Recommended resources – Lyle McDonald
Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition
Layne Norton
Chrissy Mae Cagney
Alan Aragon


Daring Greatly – Brene Brown
Slim By Design – Brian Wansink
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
The Lean Muscle Diet – Lou Schuler & Alan Aragon
A Guide to Flexible Dieting – Lyle McDonald

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