SealFit, Leadership and Sacrifice ft. Floyd McLendon Jr.

Episode 174Brute Strength


Floyd McLendon Jr. has had a huge impact on Michael Cazayoux’s life since they first met at SealFit, and this week he’s joining the Brute Podcast. Floyd has faced failure, disappointment, heartbreak and discrimination growing up, but ultimately he came out on top. Now, as a former Navy Seal, he’s imparting his leadership knowledge to those he comes in contact with.

In this episode, the author of Hard Earned Lessons dissects what he calls the “Seven Principles for Preparing for Battle.” Enjoy the show!


03:00 – Meeting Floyd at SealFit

16:05 – Becoming a Navy Seal

36:40 – Seven Principles for Preparing for Battle

1:19:00 – Future in politics




Hard Earned Lessons – McLendon Jr.


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