Self awareness, body image, and accountability with Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Episode 103Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview Camille Leblanc Bazinet (@camillelbaz). After beginning her CrossFit journey in 2010, Camille has made it to the CrossFit games multiple years and won the title of “Fittest Woman on Earth” in 2014. Aside from her outstanding performances in the CrossFit space, she has gone on to compete on the Canadian National Olympic Weightlifting team and serves as a trainer on the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff. In this episode we talk the negative effects of being portrayed by the media, body image, mindset shifts, as well as what she has learned through her experience as an athlete and role model. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[1:58] Voicemail answer on tempo training

[7:11] Camille’s personal growth over the years

[15:17] 2017 Regionals and its take aways

[17:30] Committing to a better mindset

[23:23] Controlling panic in the pool and challenging herself

[34:54] What Camille is working on for this years CrossFit Games

[36:42] Staying healthy; physically and mentally

[45:17] Body image, social media, and confidence

[48:38] Nutrition and working with Adee and Working against gravity

[55:19] Giving depth to who you are and others

[58:17] The way of the peaceful warrior and how it has helped her mindset


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