Sex Taboo, Polyamorous Relationships & Loving Yourself ft. Aubrey Marcus

Episode 229Brute Strength


Joining the Brute Strength Podcast this week is Aubrey Marcus. Aubrey is the founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization.

In this episode, Aubrey will be going against the grain on topics covering sex and relationships. This discussion includes some of his key takeaways from being in a polyamorous relationship, his views on BDSM and how to have better sex. He evens dives into his own personal

7-day Sex Challenge, and provides some insight on his recent vow of celibacy.

Stay tuned because things are about to get WEIRD!


07:57 – Sex & celibacy

11:50 – Evolution of sex

13:45 – More sex, better sex

17:30 – Creating novelty in your sexuality

24:57 – Gourmet sex

31:30 – 7-day sex challenge

38:00 – Restrain & pain

47:50 – Love yourself

59:53 – Breaking up and maintaining a relationship





Untrue – Wednesday Martin

Own The Day Own Your Life – Aubrey Marcus


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